About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be an important part of achieving optimal health or returning to good health and wellness. You might benefit from physiotherapy if you are recovering from an illness or injury, if you are regaining your mobility, or if you need support to maintain your abilities as you age.

Physiotherapy service options include:

Group Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes

Group exercise and falls prevention classes are an excellent way for seniors to stay healthy, physically active and independent. Exercise classes focus on improving and maintaining functional performance through strength and balance. Falls prevention classes provide seniors with instruction on how to reduce the risk of falling and include information on identifying fall hazards and ways to move around safely.

Exercise and falls prevention classes are publically funded and offered in several community settings, including retirement homes and community centres. For a list of classes offered within our region, visit the If you feel you would benefit from exercise or falls prevention classes, contact the us at 416.222.2241 or 905.895.1240.


Physiotherapy Clinics

OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinics provide assessment, treatment services and rehabilitation following an injury or hospital stay. To access physiotherapy services provided through an OHIP-funded clinic, you will need a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner. A list of OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinics can be found on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's clinic directory.

In-home Physiotherapy

If you are homebound, in-home physiotherapy services are provided as part of a patient's care plan. To find out more about in-home physiotherapy services, contact us at 416.222.2241 or 905.895.1240.