​Brochures and Publications​

Looking for information about home and community care?

The following brochures and publications provide important information about home and community care services, including several useful resources for patients and caregivers.

​Home and community care

We provide care and services to patients returning home after a hospital stay. We also help people of all ages explore and choose from a wide range of health and social services, so they can live independently at home for as long as possible.

Home and Community Care - English​

Home and Community Care - French

Home and Community Care - Italian

Home and Community Care - Russian

About Us - Arabic

About Us - Chinese

About Us - Farsi

About Us - Greek

About Us - Portuguese

About Us - Spanish


​Adult Day Programs & Assisted living

Adult day programs offer social, recreational and therapeutic activities for people experiencing memory loss, communication disorders, social isolation and those with physical disabilities.

Assisted Living is a health service for seniors with complex care needs. Assisted Living Services are provided to eligible seniors who live in a supportive housing building or in their own homes within a specific geographic boundary.

Adult Day Programs & Assisted Living - English

Adult Day Programs & Assisted Living - French

Adult Day Programs & Assisted Living - Chinese

Adult Day Programs & Assisted Living - Farsi

Adult Day Programs & Assisted Living - Italian

​bed safety

Information for patients and families on bed safety: potential risks and best practices.

Bed Safety - English

Bed Safety - French

Bed Safety - Chinese

Bed Safety - Italian

Bed Safety - Russian


Centralhealthline.ca is a fast, easy way to research thousands of health and community services available in your neighbourhood and across Ontario.

View Centralhealthline.ca brochure

​Community nursing Clinics

Nursing care to help you get better faster.

View Community Clinics brochure

​Convalescent Care

The Convalescent Care Program provides 24-hour care to people who require specific medical and therapeutic services in a supportive environment.

View Convalescent Care brochure

​Long-Term Care

A resource to help you understand your care options in the community, including long-term care homes.

View Long-Term Care brochure

​Mental Health and Addiction Nursing

Our Mental Health and Addictions Nurses provide specialized, professional support to students with mental health or substance abuse issues.

View Mental Health and Addiction Nurses brochure

​Substitute Decision Making

Information on substitute decision making for long-term care

Substitute Decision Making - English

Substitute Decision Making - French

Substitute Decision Making - Chinese

Substitute Decision Making - Farsi

Substitute Decision Making - Italian


Telehomecare is a program that provides people with conditions such as chronic heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with weekly health coaching and daily monitoring of vital signs in their own homes.

Telehomecare brochure for Patients with COPD

Telehomecare brochure for Patients with CHF

​Your Healthcare Be Involved

Information about how you can be involved in your health care and how you can communicate with your health care team.

View Your Healthcare Be Involved brochure