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​The Central CCAC is devoted to constant improvement. We focus daily on delivering better care and we dedicate time to the research and quality control to make sure it happens. Our work with researchers at the University of Toronto to develop a list of reportable home care “Never Events” is a case in point.

Ten years ago, Dr. Ross Baker put Canadian hospitals on their toes when he shone a light on “Never Events” -- unintended, preventable injuries and complications that happened in hospital but never should. In 2012, we asked him and his colleague Dr. Diane Doran to help us bring the same kind of rigorous self-examination to home- and community-based care.

The result was a ground-breaking study naming 30 preventable home care Never Events and offering 15 recommendations to support the successful reporting required to make sure they don’t happen.

The work is already helping us deliver better care. We’ve held interactive workshops with 500 frontline staff from the CCAC and 16 different partner organizations, teaching them about the Never Events, how to prevent them, and how to report them.