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Central CCAC

Vision, Mission and Values

Care Coordinator sitting with elderly woman on sofaYour Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) connects you with the care you need, at home and in your community.  Our dedicated professional staff and management are guided by our vision and mission, and we strive to live our values as we deliver your care each and every day.

Ontario's 14 CCACs share a common vision and mission.  We recognize that each community is unique – to reflect this, our values are developed by each CCAC locally. 

Our Vision

Outstanding care – every person, every day.

Our Mission

To deliver a seamless experience through the health system for people in our diverse communities, providing equitable access, individualized care coordination and quality health care.

Our Values

Central CCAC is committed to ensuring that everything we do is guided by the following values:

  • Client-centered service that encourages wellness, enhances user experience and surpasses client expectations

  • Leadership that inspires excellence

  • Integrity, trust, respect and professionalism that characterizes all of our relationships

  • Communication that is accessible, open, transparent and understandable in our culturally diverse community

  • Collaboration that drives innovation and creativity in our quest to successfully manage continuous change