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Wound Care

The Home and Community Care Support Services Central East Wound Care program advocates and leads integrated delivery of evidence-informed skin and wound care that spans the continuum of care and drives improvement in the outcomes for people with skin and wound care issues in the Central East region. In collaboration with our community service provider agencies, primary care facilities and hospitals, we deliver a coordinated and consistent strategy of skin and wound care, informed by best practice. In addition, the Wound Care program facilitates stakeholder relationships and collaborative working networks to improve transition of care and patient access and experience. 

Wound Care Inter-Professional Team

The Wound Care Inter-professional Team (WC IPT) is comprised of wound care experts from hospitals, clinics, nursing providers and Home and Community Care Support Services Central East. The WC IPT leverages the Swift Skin and Wound digital platform and the Patient Connect app through Swift Medical Inc. to take photos and report on wounds in order to improve wound healing and the patient care experience. The WC IPT connects Home and Community Care Support Services Central East and system partners to draw upon clinical and other expertise across sectors to collaborate, strategize and provide advice and treatment options for patients experiencing complex and/or non-healing wounds through virtual and face-to-face wound care consultations.  

The Home and Community Care Support Services Central East Wound Care Sub-Committee will work collaboratively with the WC IPT to assist in the design and accessibility to specialized wound consults, and wound care expertise via the digital platforms. This project is currently in the pilot stage from January to July 2021. 

WC IPT Referral Criteria

Patient is experiencing:

  • Complex wound(s), non-healing and impacting quality of life;
  • Daily/q2day dressing changes required greater than 2 weeks;
  • Wounds that are not healing at least 10% per week greater than 4 weeks; or,
  • Wounds where the drainage, and/or risk of infection, and/or pain has increased (to be referred as per assessment).

WC IPT Referral and Supporting Documents

Swift Skin and Wound Digital App

The Swift Skin and Wound Digital App is a mobile application used by the nurse or patient to take a picture of their wound, share it with the appropriate clinicians, conduct virtual consultations, as well as allow providers to gain visibility into patient healing trends, risks and needs. Members of the WC IPT will be able to remotely view medical-grade wound images with the new medical imaging AI, which will also help document, assess and treat those wounds.

Swift Skin and Wound Digital App uses artificial intelligence to accurately measure the wound circumference, type and progress once an image is captured. Some of the many features include a history icon to track wound healing over time and stream-lined, real-time documentation uploads. Automated wound assessment PDFs upload into the patient electronic record, eliminating double documentation and ensuring care plans can be accessed by the patient's care team when needed.

Wound Resource Hotline: 1-800-263-3877 ext. 5080