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Centralized Diabetes Intake

The implementation of a centralized diabetes intake and referral process is a MOHLTC-mandated deliverable. Diabetes intake and assessment for the Centre for Complex Diabetes Care (CCDC) has been provided since August 2012. All diabetes programs in the Central East region including Diabetes Education Programs (DEPs) and the CCDC are be part of this initiative.

Diabetes stakeholders in the Central East are working together to establish a more streamlined and integrated system for the intake and referral of patients with diabetes. In addition to the established methods of referring patients living with diabetes to DEPs for their education/management and support, Centralized Diabetes Intake is another way for patients to be referred across the Central East region.

Centralized Diabetes intake will make it easier for primary care providers, allied healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients, to refer to DEPs and the CCDC. They will have the option of calling the Centralized Diabetes Intake number or submitting the Centralized Diabetes Intake Referral Form by fax. Patients will also have the ability to self-refer by calling the toll-free number.

Home and Community Care Support Services Central East Care Coordinators will contact each patient, provide information, assess and determine eligibility for DEPs/CCDC/Home and Community Care services based on patient needs. Patients may also be linked to other services such as Home and Community Care services, Meals on Wheels, self-management programs, transportation and social services as appropriate.


How to Access Centralized Diabetes Intake:

Having a single dedicated telephone line with one referral fax number will improve access to services for people living with diabetes or those at risk for developing diabetes, and their health care providers.

Dedicated toll free phone number: 1-888-997-9996
Referral fax number: 905-444-2544

Centralized Diabetes Intake Referral Form

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