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​What is A Health Link?

A Health Link is a local health care network consisting of patients, caregivers, health care providers and community support agencies who are committed to working better together to improve the health outcomes for patients with complex health care needs.

Provincial Coordinated Care Plan

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, through the leadership of the Transformational Secretariat, have drafted a tool to be used by Primary Care Providers to coordinate care for patients with complex health care needs.

The Coordinated Care Plan is not meant to replace point of care systems, such as EMRs, however the ministry is exploring ways to integrate data between EMR systems and the Coordinated Care Plan solution in the near future.

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Working Together to Coordinate Care »

Provincial Coordinated Care Plan User Guide

This document describes how the Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) tool is intended to be used and the purpose of each individual information field.

See the Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) User Guide »


Compensation for Comprehensive Primary Care 

 See the Compensation for Comprehensive Primary Care Fact Sheet »

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