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Specialized Nursing Care

Nursing care is an important part of our overall health care system. We recognize that you may need specialized care in certain situations, where specially selected and trained nurses can make a meaningful difference to your recovery and wellbeing.

We provide specialized nursing services to address specific patient needs and conditions:


Rapid Response NursesNurse checking patients heart beat

Rapid Response Nurses support adults and children with high care needs as they transition home from hospital.​​​​ Services may include: a home visit within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital; medication review; comprehensive nursing assessment; patient and family education; and ensuring appropriate follow-up appointments are scheduled.  


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Nurse checking patients heart beatHospice Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners

Hospice Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners act as a bridge to connect, support and care for patients who have a life-limiting illness. Our nurses help people and families understand their options, and provide support so that as a patient reaches closer to the end of their life, they are able to live their remaining days comfortably at home for as long as possible.

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Telehomecare Nursing Lady on her laptop

Telehomecare is supported by the Ontario Telemedicine Network ​(OTN)​. This innovative program trains registered nurses to provide you with health coaching and monitoring over the phone or online. If you require chronic disease self-management, this could mean the difference between managing successfully at home, and frequent hospital and emergency visits.

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Specialized nursing care at school:

Students with a mental health nurse at schoolMental Health and Addiction Nurses

Mental Health and Addiction Nurses support children and teens at school. We focus on the success of students with mental health or addiction issues, helping them to thrive at school, remain in school, or successfully transition back to school after being in the hospital.

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