​​​What Patient Experience Does


Our organization has established targets for patient satisfaction which is captured through our survey question: “Would you recommend this organization to family and friends?”   

Initiatives are established corporately to ensure we are creating an optimum patient experience.  How are we doing? You can see our most updated scores here.  


We use a few different ways to improve the patient experience, including:


Phone Calls

We contact our patients after being discharged from our programs to get their feedback on their services and the quality of their care. Your feedback is also used to improve the patient experience and address potential concerns. Patient feedback guides our plans for future improvements.


Building a Relationship-Based Culture

Engagement: We have a formal engagement strategy that includes a formal coaching model (Studer) as well as a Leadership Development Strategy. The Patient Experience portfolio will also be working with staff and providing support and coaching.

Service Recovery: This is the process of hearing feedback from patients and families, and how this is brought forward to clinical teams to improve the patient experience and provide follow-up and resolution for the patients and families.

Improvement Projects

Patient Advisors: We are creating patient advisor councils to incorporate feedback based on their personal experience to influence how we deliver care.


Our commitment to improving the patient experience is supported by:

  • Ensuring healthy workplaces 

  • Investing in staff and physician leadership 

  • Creating stronger teams that work together and learn together

  • Integrating customer service with patient safety and quality of care 

  • Testing and sharing new ideas