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Caregiving is an act of love

​Ercelle Golding was well known in her Etobicoke community for being a kind and generous neighbour who always went out of her way for family and friends – even strangers – and would often be heard singing throughout her neighbourhood.

Things began to change when Ercelle was diagnosed with dementia. As her health care needs became more complex she began to rely on her daughter, Angella, more and more. And after falling and breaking a hip in 2011, Ercelle required more intensive care.

While Ercelle was in hospital, Angella worked full-time during the day and spent the nights at her mother’s bedside. At the same time, Angella was also caring for her sister who needed mental health support, mobility assistance and help managing a life-long respiratory condition.

When Ercelle returned home she stopped singing and became too afraid of falling to leave her bed. Angella needed help and her sister, Sonja, called CCAC to arrange service for nursing care and personal support. It felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

“Being a full-time caregiver is challenging and tiring but doing it comes from a place of pure love and affection,” says Angella. “I know they would do the same for me.”