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Patient Ombudsman visits Central West region

​​Our community has a bridge between health care
and the patient experience with the addition of the Ontario Patient Ombudsman Office.

Ontario Patient Ombudsman, Christine Elliott, visited William Osler Health System’s Brampton Civic Hospital, where she met with health care providers and spoke to hospital and CCAC staff about her work since she took on the role in June of this year. The session was also broadcast live to Central West CCAC offices.
“What we do is advocate for fairness in health care,” she said in her presentation to health care providers. 
With 146 hospitals, 630 long term care homes, and 14 community care access centres in her jurisdiction, the task seems daunting. But she is focused on creating positive patient outcomes after all other health care processes have been exhausted.
“I was happy to hear about the new Patient Ombudsman role directly from Christine Elliott,” said Joanne McFarlane, a Care Coordinator at Central West CCAC. “I think we’ll have good representation from someone with a long history of service who can be a voice for care providers and patients.”
Her presentation and tour with employees at Osler and the Central West CCAC gave staff the chance to ask questions and learn more about how the patient ombudsman’s office can help provide the best care for our community, from individual cases to the larger system level.
Christine is currently touring each health care district in Ontario to understand the needs of the community and how they change from location to location.