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Speech and Language Therapy

​Our Speech-language pathologists provide assessment, prevention, and treatment of the following speech and language dysfunctions or disorders in school-aged children. Preschoolers are also serviced in Renfrew County. These services are offered in the child's school.

  • Articulation: How speech sounds are made (e.g. children must learn how to produce the "r" sound in order to say "rabbit" instead of "wabbit")
  • Oral motor: The movement, control, and strength of the lips, tongue, and jaw
  • Voice: Use of the vocal folds and breathing to produce sound (e.g. the voice can be abused from overuse or misuse and can lead to hoarseness or loss of voice)
  • Fluency: The rhythm of speech (e.g. hesitations or stuttering can affect fluency)


Resources for parents and caregivers

The following resources are intended to help parents and caregivers working with children affected by specific speech disorders.

How to work with your child:

  • Find a quiet spot
  • Set aside 10 minutes
  • Know what your goal is
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Provide positive feedback