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Rapid Response Nurses

​Rapid Response Nurses perform A Rapid Response Nurse and a client share a laugha vital function in our network of health-care services. By facilitating smooth transitions from hospital to home, they act as a bridge to support patients with complex and high care needs.  

We help connect you with community or home-based primary care and ensure that appropriate follow-up appointments are scheduled.

This program is intended for short-term intensive assistance and is not intended to replace the services provided by contracted service providers.

We will work collaboratively with your existing network of health-care professionals, hospital staff, primary care providers and community agencies to help you avoid unnecessary hospital re-admissions following discharge.

Rapid Response Nurses will help you: 

  • understand your illness and symptoms
  • understand your hospital discharge plan
  • understand how to take prescribed medications
  • arrange for follow-up medical appointments or tests
  • connect with your primary care providers, and
  • receive appropriate home supports as quickly as possible so you have everything you need to stay at home safely.

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