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Respite Care for Caregivers

Everyone needs a break—especially family caregivers. Whether caring for a spouse, an aging parent or your own child, it's important to take time for yourself. If you're feeling stressed, isolated or overwhelmed, you may benefit from respite care.

What is Respite Care?

young helpful nurse and older woman with walkerRespite care provides caregivers with a temporary break from the duties of caregiving. It allows you to recharge your batteries while your loved one continues to receive care at home or in another safe environment.

Many caregivers use respite care to:

  • Rest, relax and catch up on sleep
  • Spend quality time with friends and family
  • Take time for activities like exercising, shopping, personal care, and other errands

Remember that your loved one may also benefit from being in a new environment and spending time with other people. 

Respite Care Options

There are several types of respite care available for caregivers. Services can be provided in your home or in a different care setting, for example, a long-term care home.

For more information about respite care, or if you need help finding services in your community, call us at 613.310.2222.

Our In-Home respite Services

In-home respite services are offered by us to decrease caregiver burden while enhancing capacity for caregiving in the home. Care is prioritized to those whose needs pose the greatest risk to their health and safety.

  • Eligibility:
    • Patient care needs meet minimum standard for our services
    • Caregiver provides personal support and homemaking to our patient and requires assistance; or
    • Patient requires supervision due to cognitive impairment or acquired brain injury, and caregiver requires assistance
  • Cost: none
  • Length: Our in-home respite is available as part of a patient's overall care plan based on assessed needs and eligibility. It is not a standalone or additional service.
  • How to apply: if your situation has changed and you feel that in-home respite services might be necessary, please contact your Care Coordinator to request a reassessment. Note that you may be referred to other community services better suited to their needs


Private In-Home Services

A woman gives orange juice to a man in bedIf you are not eligible for our services, you can arrange private respite services from various providers for a fee. These services are offered by a number of retirement homes and other companies in the Champlain region. There is a wide range of costs and services available, depending on you and your loved one's unique situation. Visit for more information about:

Short-Stay Respite in Long-Term Care

These services are available in specific long-term care facilities that offer respite beds. We manage the wait list for these beds.

  • Eligibility: a Care Coordinator completes an assessment based on eligibility criteria for long-term care
  • Cost: a co-payment rate per day is fixed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The rate per day (effective July 1, 2015) is $37.77. These rates may increase annually.
  • Length: should not exceed 60 consecutive days and a total of 90 days per the calendar year
  • How to apply: call us at 613.310.2222 to request an in-home assessment by a Care Coordinator.
  • Note: there are a limited number of respite beds throughout the Champlain region and availability cannot always be guaranteed, so it is best to plan as early as possible. Dates can be reserved up to one year in advance.

Adult Day Programs

A man and woman smile at an adult day programAdult day programs are offered by a variety of long-term care facilities and Community Support Service agencies. These programs provide part-of-the-day supervised programming in a group setting for dependent adults with diminishing abilities due to frailty, physical disability or cognitive impairment. Programs include a range of social, recreational, intellectual, therapeutic, health promotion and physical activities.

  • Eligibility: varies based on the program
  • Cost: varies based on the program, although
    there is usually a co-payment
  • Length: varies based on the program
  • How to apply: view the list of adult day programs on

Respite/Personal Care for Seniors

Funded by Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain, this standard service supports seniors with medical conditions and adults with physical disabilities in their community. Services are offered by various Community Support Service agencies across the region. 

Pricing and hours may be subject to change. Please contact the individual service provider for the most current information.​

  • Eligibility: must not be receiving our services
  • Cost: co-payment of $9 per hour
  • Length:  maximum 15 hours per week
  • How to apply: visit for a list of Respite/Personal Care program providers

If you’re unsure about how to get respite care or need help finding the right services in your community, please call us at 613.310.2222.

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