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Patient Experience

Feedback from our patients is the best way for us to know if we are living up to our commitment to delivering outstanding care in the Champlain region. As our partners in care, we encourage all of our Home and Community Care Support Services patients and caregivers to share their feedback so that we continue to improve the patient experience together.

    Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction Survey

    Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain surveys over 2100 patients per year for the "Patient and Caregiver Experience Evaluation", a common survey used by all Home and Community Care Support Services in Ontario. The following charts track patient and caregiver satisfaction with home and community care services and provider agency services, measured against provincial averages.


    Results for Overall Satisfaction with Care Experience are based on patient responses to the following three questions from the Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction Survey.




    concerns & Complaints

    The Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain's complaints management system directly engages patients in discussions about risks, satisfaction and service quality issues. Through the identification, reporting and management of concerns and complaints, we are able to address and find solutions to issues affecting the quality of care. The following charts track the total number of complaints and the number of complaints by type.


    Note: The Champlain CCAC supports over 54,000 patients annually.


    ​For more information about Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain's work to improve the patient experience, read our 2016-2017 Quality Improvement Plan.