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Patient and Caregiver Council

We recognize patients, caregivers, and families as essential partners in care.

The Patient and Caregiver Council was established in 2014 as a forum to improve the home care experience for former, current and future patients and caregivers in the Champlain region.

Members of the Council are helping us to better understand the needs of patients and caregivers, and how the organization can better support them through education and process improvements.

To date, the Council has approved an ambitious three-year Caregiver Strategy. Members have also provided input into key initiatives such as the coordination of medical supplies and equipment, educational resources and tools, and community outreach.



The Patient and Caregiver Council is composed of committed individuals from across the Champlain region. Members include former patients and caregivers who want to improve home care based on their own experience, while others are currently receiving services from us and our service providers.

Each member has a unique and compelling home care story to tell. Read about why they chose to join the Council and what they want to achieve during their tenure.

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We invite you to share your experience and perspectives as a current or former patient or caregiver. If you are interested in getting involved as a member of the Council, please submit an expression of interest.

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Read highlights from meetings of the Patient and Caregiver Council (note: files are in pdf format):

May 29, 2014Meeting Highlights
July 17, 2014 Meeting Highlights
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April 14, 2016Meeting Highlights
June 22, 2016Meeting Highlights
October 4, 2016Meeting Highlights


If you have any questions about the Patient and Caregiver Council, please contact Lise Racicot at or 613-745-8124 ext. 5991.