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Norma​Hi, my name is Norma. I am a nurse whose career spanned over 40 years—primarily in nursing and medical education. I am the eleventh child in a family of 13 so I have a large extended family.

Over the past 4 years I have received nursing care as a patient of the Champlain CCAC. I joined the Patient and Caregiver Council on the advice of my niece (a retired Vice-President at CCAC), since I always had lots of feedback to give her regarding my care.

When I joined the Council, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. They definitely didn't treat me like an outsider. I was impressed that several recommendations made by the Council had already been instituted!

As a home care client, I was generally pleased with the care that was provided but had concerns which I wanted to present to the Council.  Although all aspects of care need to be evaluated, my focus will be on nursing and health care related issues. I would also like to see continued consideration of recommendations made by the Council.