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Russ​My name is Russ and I have spent almost 30 years in the finance industry. In semi-retirement I was a teacher at an English language college.

I became the caregiver for my parents when my father unexpectedly fell ill. As a result of suddenly being thrust into the caregiver role, I quickly acquired a lot of information in a short time—about the challenges of caregiving and using multiple services to achieve my parents' goal of remaining in their home. I wanted to use that knowledge to help others.

As a member of the Patient and Caregiver Council, I would like to make concrete inroads towards achieving a seamless patient experience and work towards removing needless stressors for future patients and caregivers.

Patients and caregivers are surprisingly frugal. Many of them require high quality hours instead of more hours. They would like consistency, and in the most serious cases they would like some flexibility and understanding.

As a caregiver you need to be all things to all people. You are the administrator, receptionist, holder of pertinent knowledge, physiotherapist, support worker, banker, and cook. You make sure that food, medical supplies and prescriptions are taken care of. And each day, you try to make it joyful for your loved one.