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Scott​After falling off the roof of my motor home in January 2014, I became a patient of our medical system and eventually the Champlain CCAC after being transferred home to convalesce until I finished rehab that June.

I joined the Patient and Caregiver Council because my transition from hospital to home was a very rocky one. The hospital gave us 3 hours to choose where I would go to convalesce. We ordered equipment for delivery to our home but what was sent wasn't suitable for my condition as no one came to assess our home. Once that was corrected, the Personal Support Worker (PSW) and nursing staff was organized and that went very well.

While listening to other Council members' stories, I realized that caregivers—often more so than patients—are the ones facing the most important home care challenges. My mission on this Council is not just to make patients more comfortable in the transfer from hospital to home, but to rally the help that caregivers need to continue caring for their loved ones at home.

If more people can stay in their own homes with the help of family caregivers, PSW's, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, the cost burden to the health care system will be drastically reduced. However, if family caregivers are not given time off, they will burn out.