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Sharon​My name is Sharon and I am the caregiver for my husband who has Huntington disease. Although I work full-time, I am also a part-time doctor, psychologist, social worker, financial planner, computer repair person, and lawyer (just to name a few). In addition to providing care to my husband, I also look after my elderly father during the winter months—a job that could eventually turn into full-time caregiving.

Taking care of myself with some personal time is not easy. I have to be there for my husband, so in addition to that full-time volunteer job, my full-time paid job and other volunteer commitments, there isn't much time or energy left for me.

Despite all this, I joined the Patient and Caregiver Council because I felt that I could bring feedback and suggestions from the Huntington disease caregiver community directly to the Champlain CCAC.

I hope to continue our work to reduce the cost of medical supplies, make Champlain CCAC aware of problems within our specific health issue and ensure that these services will be around for all of us one day. I also want to advocate and educate the government about the need to stop reducing financial support to the health care system.