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Medical Supplies and Equipment

​On any given day the Champlain CCAC provides care to some 8,975 people across the region. Our Supplies and Equipment Desk coordinates 450 orders every week to ensure our professional staff can provide the care you need.

We are committed to optimizing every health care dollar and ensuring a high quality, positive care experience. As part of our commitment to ongoing quality improvement, we are working with our partners to identify process changes, increase awareness about improving ordering practices, conduct audits/analysis of supply inventories at end of care.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the right supplies are ordered and ultimately reduce excess at the end of service.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Designate a place in your home to keep your supplies. This will allow your nurse to quickly assess what you have on hand and minimize unnecessary supply orders.
  2. Tell your Champlain CCAC Care Coordinator or nurse if you have supplies on hand at the end of care to help us make improvements.  Let us know if your care plan changes due to hospitalization or medical orders so we can adjust your supply order. Our goal is to minimize unused supplies.
  3. Never use old medications – bring them to your pharmacy for disposal.
  4. Public health infection control policies restrict using left over supplies with other CCAC patients.
  5. If you have concerns or questions about your supplies or equipment, please contact us at 613-745-8124 ext. 5596.