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The Champlain CCAC is committed to continuous improvements, value for money and transparency. A provincial comparison report based on Q1 data from the LHIN and the MOHLTC indicates that the Champlain CCAC is leading the province on several provincial benchmarks:

  • We are one of the most fiscally responsible CCACs. Our average cost per patient among many patient populations is better than most of our peers -- and this is despite having the highest patient acuity in the province. 

  • Long-Stay Populations: Champlain continues to lead the province for average cost-per-patient for the Complex population. This can be attributed to several factors including: strong linkages with the community, recent guideline changes, and excellent care planning. 

  • Palliative Care: Our Regional Palliative Care Team is showing continued success. The team has ranked better than average across the province for best outcomes for patients in the last four quarters. These outcomes include achieving the lowest cost of care per patient while providing patients with the person-centered care they need including respecting patient/family choice regarding preferred place of death.

  • Nursing Clinics: Nursing Clinic use is currently at 31%, this is up from 21% at the same time last year. Savings realized by increased clinic usage are reinvested to patient care and care coordination.  Every 1% increase is equivalent to approximately $150,000 in savings.  The Champlain CCAC has already saved over $700,000 since April.