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A Message to the Community

Ontario's health system is transforming to meet the changing needs of patients and caregivers. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has released a proposal: Patients First which is focused on strengthening integration among health partners including the Local Health Integration Networks, CCACs, public health and primary care to improve equity and access. The plan proposes key changes in the oversight and governance of home and community care, including a single point of accountability for care at the regional level, making LHINs responsible for all health planning and performance. Under the proposed changes, the responsibility for home and community care would move from CCACs to LHINs.

There have been no timelines confirmed to date about the transition. A consultation process is underway and will include broad input from health providers and the public. The CCAC will fully participate in the consultation process; we are optimistic about how the Minister's vision will support improvements in care for patients.

Our focus remains on patients and we will continue to provide care coordination and home and community services to people across the region.  There are no immediate changes that affect our coordination and delivery of care. No changes will be implemented until the consultation is complete.  

As we have done for two decades, we will continue to work with the government and other health care providers to deliver home and community care—through this transition and into the future.

The Champlain CCAC has excellent working relationships with the LHIN and other health partners. Our leadership and staff look forward to the upcoming transition and working together as a single team to improving care for people across our region.


Marc Sougavinski

CEO, Champlain CCAC