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Patients First Proposal: A Submission from the Board of Directors, Champlain CCAC


The Board of Directors of the Champlain CCAC strongly supports health-care reform initiatives aimed at strengthening patient care. A high-functioning health system depends upon a strong, efficient, well-integrated and appropriately resourced system of first-line services. Our many systems partners rely on strong first-line services to meet their respective mandates. Most importantly, so do our patients.

We are therefore heartened about the commitment to patients and to improving system integration and quality of care, and hopeful that eventual changes will seriously and significantly address real problems and opportunities.

Our primary concern lies with the population that we serve. This population has changed dramatically over the past few years. Our patients are increasingly complex, vulnerable, often isolated, highly dependent—and wanting to stay at home as long as possible. To achieve this, we believe that there are some fundamental issues that must be addressed for a successful systems transformation, and ultimately a better care experience for patients.

Structural change on its own will not address or solve many of the issues important to the people of Ontario. Structural change, without addressing the core issues, will simply shift the problem. Based on our collective and extensive experience as Board members governing home and community care, this paper outlines significant considerations, constraints or gaps that will impact our patients. We remain committed to continuing to work with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) and our Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to ensure that this reform truly puts Patients First.

Prospectively, we believe that in assuming a new mandate and responsibilities, the LHIN itself will require restructuring on both the governance and management levels. For this reason, throughout our document, we will refer to the future regional organization as a New Regional Entity (NRE).

This paper highlights three significant and interrelated issues that must be addressed in the proposed structural reform of home and community care:

  1. Maintaining Increasingly Complex Patients at Home

  2. Modernizing the Home and Community Care Delivery Model

  3. Sustainability for Growth

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