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Champlain CCAC launches New Home Care Innovation Centre

IMPACT Centre to test and recommend e-solutions to support patients and caregivers in the home

OTTAWA, November 6, 2015 — Given the choice, most Ontarians want to remain at home for as long as possible. The Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is launching a new Innovation Centre that will help more people stay at home longer, better support caregivers, and improve access to home health care technologies.

The Champlain CCAC will work with health care technology developers and vendors to test, evaluate and recommend new technologies with patients and caregivers in real-life situations through its new Impact Centre: Innovation eMpowering Patients And Caregivers through Technology. The test facility will simulate a typical apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

"This is a very exciting direction for the home and community care sector as we embrace new approaches to care delivery and design," explains Champlain CCAC CEO Marc Sougavinski. "Our goal is to better understand what solutions have the most potential to help patients and caregivers ─ and then bring these high-impact solutions to market faster through innovative procurement practices."

Home Health Care Technology a Growing Sector

Nadine Henningsen, CEO, Canadian Home Care Association and member of the IMPACT Steering Committee, notes a growing body of research on the value of home health care technologies: "Technology-enabled home care is the key to helping more people live with dignity in their own homes for as long as possible while also driving efficiencies in the system."

Home health care technology is a rapidly expanding sector. There are hundreds of solutions on the market and more being introduced every week. Solutions run the gamut ─ from medication reminder technologies to smart homes with remote monitoring and social networking applications. With so many technologies available in a rapidly changing health care environment, there is a need to pilot and evaluate solutions with direct input from real users.

Seniors a Key Area of Focus

With some of the highest rates of dementia in the province and growing number of seniors, the Champlain CCAC sees an important opportunity to better support seniors and their caregivers through technology-enabled home care solutions.

According to a recent report by Health Quality Ontario, caregiver stress and burnout is on the rise. Russ Morton, a devoted caregiver to his 88-year-old mother Esther, is a member of the IMPACT Steering Committee. Mr. Morton, a former banker who also cared for his father until he passed away a couple of years ago, says caregivers are ready to embrace technology.

"It's exciting to be directly part of the innovation journey underway in home care. We have an important opportunity to adopt innovative technologies that engage patients and caregivers in managing their health needs in the comfort of their own homes," says Mr. Morton.

About the Champlain CCAC

The Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is one of the largest health service providers in eastern Ontario, connecting people to care in a region covering over 18,000 sq. km. Every year, the Champlain CCAC supports clients in a variety of settings through injury, illness and the complications of age or disability by facilitating their access to information, community-based services and other resources. Our client care coordination teams help develop care plans for people of all ages, focused on maintaining independence and dignity at home and in their community.