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Summer Drop-in Clinics for Students

​Students sometimes face immense social and educational pressures both at home and school. These pressures can result in mental health or addiction issues that may be difficult to manage on their own. Or, these stresses can be more difficult to manage because of a pre-existing mental health issue. 

Champlain Mental Health and Addictions Nurses focus on students with mental health or addiction issues, helping them thrive at school, remain in school, or successfully transition back to school after being in the hospital. Working together with school boards, teachers and community-based organizations, Champlain Mental Health and Addictions Nurses support students and their families to promote mental health well-being.

Drop-In Clinics for Students
During the summer, our Mental Health and Addictions Nurses have drop-in clinics for students who need support throughout the summer.
Students can get help with:

  • information related to their mental health concerns
  • short-term therapy
  • connecting a family doctor and the school
  • medication management—understanding medication, and monitoring for side effects
  • transitioning back to school from a hospital or other health institution
  • connecting to mental health and addictions services in the community
  • coping with mental health and addiction issues
  • tools to stay in school

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more call 1-888-667-5008 or visit our website.

Please note that this is not a crisis service.

View the Clinics's Schedule (in PDF).