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Rapid Response Nurses Keeping Patients Home after Hospital

Champlain CCAC RRN DeborahThe Champlain CCAC's Rapid Response Nursing Program is helping to reduce hospital re-admissions and avoidable emergency department visits across the Champlain region.

Over 570 patients have benefited from this innovative program since it was launched in December 2012. The program supports patients with complex medical needs – frail adults, seniors and children – by improving the transition from hospital to home.

Medication-related issues are among the leading reasons why Ontario's seniors with complex health care needs are admitted to hospital.

After discharge from hospital, Rapid Response Nurses conduct a medication review to help patients understand how and when to take their medications, manage multiple medications and watch out for side effects.

Pembroke resident Murray Moore, 75 years old, spent five weeks in the hospital last summer. He had been prescribed new medication, in addition to the ones he was taking before being admitted.

"I wasn't really thinking right in the hospital. I was taking many pills when I got out and didn't really feel like myself. The Rapid Response Nurse took time to go through each and every one of my medications and explained what they did," said Mr. Moore.   

In consultation with Care Coordinators, community nurses and other community health providers, Rapid Response Nurses provide care at home within the first 24-48 hours after patients are discharged from the hospital. They also ensure that patients have an appointment with their primary care provider within 7 days after returning home.

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