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Putting Patients and Caregivers First: Champlain CCAC Introduces Declaration of Patient and Caregiver Values

​OTTAWA, June 17, 2015 ­― As part of its mission to provide the highest quality care for patients and their families, the Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is proud to announce the creation of its first-ever Patient and Caregiver Declaration of Values document. The Declaration is a statement of what patients and the community want – and expect – from the Champlain CCAC.

The Declaration of Values was publicly unveiled at the Champlain CCAC's Annual General Meeting on June 17th. It is the result of a partnership between our patients and caregivers, staff, and the community at large, who all contributed their ideas to help shape the final document.

These voices include people like Kelsey Lett ― a patient and member of the Champlain CCAC's Patient and Caregiver Council. The Council is a forum for helping the organization to understand the patient and caregiver experience and ensure their voice is reflected in planning, evaluation and delivery of services. Lett, 23, lives with cystic fibrosis, and is a regular user of home care services coordinated by the Champlain CCAC.

"For me, the Declaration is more than just a checklist of values. At its core, high-quality care is about trust and open communication," says Lett. "We improve care only when patients, families and health professionals work as equal partners. Together, we are the dream team."

The Declaration of Values is an exciting step toward the realization of the Champlain CCAC's vision of a sustainable, person driven system of home and community care, says Gilles Lanteigne, Chief Executive Officer, Champlain CCAC. It will be used as a lens to guide staff training and improvements in patient care.  

"Our Patient and Caregiver Declaration of Values – presented using the words of real people – is truly inspiring," says Lanteigne. "The Declaration represents our commitment to every patient and caregiver in the Champlain region."


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