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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a constant, critical consideration at Champlain CCAC. It permeates our people practices, and is present in everyday discussions, planning, and decision-making.

In 2013, we conducted our third full Employee Engagement Survey, which had a participation rate of 76%. The following table shows the percentage of positive employee responses to questions related to the following themes. It also compares our results against those of 13 other CCACs in Ontario.

2013 Employee Engagement Survey Results

ThemesChamplain CCAC

CCAC Sector

Champlain vs. Sector
Employee Engagement57%56% +1
Individual Outcomes59%56% +3
Job72%68% +4
Management Trusting Employees55%44% +11
Organizational Outcomes56%55% +1
Organizational Supports52%48% +4
Performance Management36%33% +3
Work Environment67%66% +1


2013-2015 Engagement Action Plan 

Building on these positive results, our 2013-2015 Engagement Action Plan focuses on departmental and team-based actions, and the implementation of overarching organizational strategies.

Team-based action planning is putting managers and employees in the driver's seat, as they identify specific actions and strategies related to individual results. At the organizational level, Champlain CCAC is implementing five new strategies between 2013 and 2015:

  • Direct employee consultation and feedback
  • Talent acquisition strategies
  • Coaching and peer support strategy for new employees
  • Recognition programs
  • Mental Health and Wellness program

Ongoing progress in many areas have reinforced the value of active attention to employee engagement, and Champlain CCAC continues to reinforce its areas of strength while addressing areas of improvement.