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Home First

We follow the philosophy of Home First. Home First is a patient-centered philosophy focused on keeping patients, specifically high need seniors, safe in their homes for as long as possible. The primary goal of Home First is to support patients' ability to return home, after being discharged from hospital and before they are assessed for, or admitted to, a long-term care home or other care setting.

Home First brings together Care Coordinators, physicians, discharge planners, caregivers, patients and their families to determine the right care in the right place at the right time. 

Through predictive discharge, a patient's discharge can be identified earlier in the care process. This allows for the care team to ensure, upon hospital admittance, that a care plan is being formulated, by focusing on what a patient and their family most need to help them go home, after their acute hospital stay has ended. They can then recover and recuperate; allowing them to make any critical decisions about what is next in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Once a patient's individual needs are determined, Home First makes it happen. The Care Coordinator makes all the community connections and arrangements, so that the necessary health supports and services are in place as soon as the patient is discharged from hospital and is headed home.  The Care Coordinator stays connected with their patient for as long as necessary, to assess their care and recovery, providing more services and support, if needed.

Some of the benefits of Home First include:

  • Home First allows patients to live safely and comfortably at home for as long as possible.
  • Home First empowers patients to participate in their care, promoting and even improving patients' independence.
  • Home First gets a patient home sooner, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections and functional decline.
  • Home First allows patients to make life-changing decisions about their future care (such as moving to long-term care, after they have recovered and in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Home First helps to reduce the demand and wait list for long-term care by properly assessing high needs seniors after an acute episode and ensuring that only those who truly need long-term care are applying to be admitted to a long-term care home.​​