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Patient and Family Centred Care


We are partnering with our patients and their families to improve the quality of community care. 

""In January 2015, we became the first organization in Ontario to take the Patient & Family Centred Care (PFCC) approach under the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centred Care (IPFCC) based in Maryland, United States.

This means our patients and their families are now equal members in their care and are actively involved in the planning and evaluation of their health and service needs. Our foundation for success starts with creating a positive experience for each patient and family.

A Change in our Attitude and Approach

PFCC Core Concepts.png 

​By considering these core concepts, we’re able to develop better care plans, achieve higher patient satisfaction, increase involvement of patients and their families in our operations and reduce patient risk as we advance the quality and safety of our care.


​Our pfcc team


​Kelley Robertson​

Director, Patient and Family Centred Care & Chief of Professional Practice

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​Jenna Martin

Patient Relations Specialist

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1-888-447-4468 ext. 7247​ 
Our Director, Patient & Family Centred Care engages with our community to learn from the patient experience as we continuously work to deliver patient and family centred care. Kelley oversees the recruitment of Patient Advisors and the Patient and Family Advisor Council. This increases the involvement of patients and families in the organization's operations.

Kelley also works to empower patients and families in their care, while improving ​communication between patients, our organization and other health care providers.
1-888-447-4468 ext. 5378


Our Patient Relations Specialist advocates for patients and helps guide them to the services they need, further enhancing our Patient & Family Centred Care focus.


If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please contact Jenna.


Jenna is also available for speaking engagements to discuss our services, Patient & Family Centred Care and how to become a volunteer with our organization.​


Patient Advisors

Patient Advisors (PAs) provide a voice that represents all patients and families who receive care from our organization.

A Patient Advisor is a volunteer who has either received care, or is a family member of someone who has received care, from us within the past five years. Patient Advisors volunteer approximately 1-4 hours per week by giving us advice based on their experience with the organization as a patient or family member. PAs help to improve the patient experience by working with staff and providers on either short or long-term projects.​

For more information on the role of the Patient Advisor, please see the following resources:


If you are interested in volunteering as a Patient Advisor, please submit the ​​​following application form: 

If you have any questions, please contact Kelley Robertson at 1-888-447-4468 x.7247 or