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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities


As our patient, you, your family and your caregiver(s) have rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:

  • be free of mental, physical and financial abuse;
  • be treated in a manner that respects your privacy and independence;
  • professional care regardless of your ethnic, spiritual, language, lifestyle and cultural preferences;
  • take part in determining your services;
  • decide which parts of your service plan you agree to;
  • a clear explanation of the services you will receive and who will provide them;
  • express concerns about your service and decisions affecting your care without fear of retribution;
  • instructions about how to appeal our decisions; and

  • confidentiality.

As required by law in Ontario, we​ will protect the privacy of your personal health information. 

You have a responsibility to:

  • treat home and community care and service provider staff with courtesy and respect, free from discrimination or harassment;
  • provide all information required;
  • help develop your care plan;
  • follow the agreed-upon plan;
  • be available to receive services at the agreed-upon time or tell your service provider if you are not available;
  • tell us about any changes in your situation that could affect your care goals (for example, hospital stays);
  • return any home and community care or service provider equipment promptly; and
  • provide a safe working environment for your care coordination and service providers.

A safe working environment includes:

  • securing pets during visits if requested;
  • not smoking during visits; and
  • making sure that walkways to your home are well lit, and clear of ice and snow of other hazards.