​​​​​​​Clinical care coordinators

Who are clinical care coordinators?

Clinical care coordinators are registered nurses who work closely with home and community care complex patients, in a primary care setting, to ensure patient needs are met. In partnership with family health teams and community health centres across Erie St. Clair, these collaborative efforts encourage positive patient outcomes and improved quality of life among our most vulnerable patients.

Where do clinical care coordinators practice?

Our clinica​l care coordinators are fully integrated in primary care settings such as Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres and Aboriginal Health Access Centres. They work directly with patients in their homes, schools, and other community settings. They assist patient transitions from hospital, home, and primary care to enable the streamlining of system navigation and care planning in partnership with the primary care team.

What's the benefit of this role?

This approach to care h​as proven to reduce emergency department visits, inpatient admissions, and utilization of health care resources. The model has supported a 20% reduction of these patients utilizing hospital admissions and emergency department visits unnecessarily. This demonstrates excellent value for money and reduces hallway health care.

Our clinical care coordinators have also expressed great satisfaction with being part of the patient's integrated care team while supporting enhanced relationships with primary care and other system partners.

Watch the videos below to hear real clinical care coordinators share their experience providing care in collaborative team settings.​​