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Heroes In The Home Honours 129 Caregivers

​​2016 Heroes In The Home (Chatham)2.jpg(2016 Chatham-Kent Heroes In The Home)

​Chatham, ON – About 300 people attended the 4th annual Heroes In The Hom​​e events over the last week in Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham.

Those in attendance helped celebrate and share the stories of 129 inspirational and dedicated caregivers who received the recognition this year.

“As in past years, these events were emotionally-charged and heartwarming,” said Erie St. Clair Community Care Access Centre CEO Lori Marshall. “It’s so important that we take the time to honour the incredible contribution that family members, friends, neighbours, as well as paid caregivers, make in helping to support people receiving care at home and in the community. It’s just incredible to hear the positive impact these individuals have made in the lives of so many people.”

The 2016 Heroes In The Home for Erie St. Clair are:

Windsor Heroes

Sarnia Heroes

Chatham Heroes

Adriana Comrada
Mr. Ali Sleiman
Annie Bondy
Barbara Keyes
Barry Thoms
Carla Wiedemann
Carole Tiller
Cathy Hickmott
Charlene Vincent
Cherie Gilbeault
Datza Maric
David Shaw
Diane Day
Elizabeth Kyle
Fran Martens
Gary Bulmer
Gayle Mussche
Heather Wright
Jagdish Kapadia
Jaime Arseneault
Jamie Ruggaber
Jeanne Francis
John McIntyre
John Vanvelzen
Judy Lapoint
Karen Duncan
Katie Labelle
Linda Keirl
Loris Basily
Lyndsay Condie
Marie Shepherd
Michelle Herdman
Michelle Stach
Michelyn Lambier
Reggie Arseneault
Robert Branget
Rosemary Campbell
Seana O'Rourke
Vickie Allison
Jacob Wall

Alice Francis
Amber McNeil
Ann Wallace
Anne-Marie Gunn
Blain McLellan
Cassie Taylor
Cynthia MacNeil
Deanna Coyne
Diane Ducharme
Donna Jones
Heather Opthof
Imelda Ancheta
Jeremy Wilcocks
Josephine Boyles
Lezleigh Amodeo
Maggie Edwards
Mandy Smith
Matt Beckingham
Melissa Davies
Monika Baraniuk
Patricia Gleason
Sheila Thompson
Tanya Goodall
Teresa Anderson

​Glenn Ainsworth
Melissa Alliet
Greg Bondy
Sarah Cartier
Heather Ceccacci
Kathie Claeys
Cathy Copeland
Betty Cunningham
Tina Drew
Colleen Glover
Meredith Guilbault
Nanette Hebert-Martin
Peggy Hoover
Peggy Johnson
Andrea LaBonte-Brown
Jane Labute
Jeff Lamont
Maureen MacDonald
Sandy McLean
Melanie Miron
Lorrie O'Rourke
Rose Peseski
Marg Riehl
Maggie Rivait
Tonya Smith
Brenda Vanderkley
Lisa Walker
Terri Warren
John Warren
Donna Allalee
Loree Bailey
Shiann Bembridge
Rick Bernard
Mikayla Depencier
Helen Heersma
Olivia Huckle
Jinger Johnston
Amanda Woods
Roz Sterling
Cassie Fulmer
Suzie Stewart
Vada Thompson-Tait
Christine Collins
Diane Maguire
Stacey Ronse
Linda Rose
Jennifer Tape-Samson
Madelaine Shanks
Sue Arnold
Marthese Bray
Sabrina Cudmore
Margherita Greco
Barbara Marlatt
Michelle Stocking
Dr. Stephen David Jones
Margaret LaFleche
Lisa Franks
Henry Dekker
Sandra Fysh
Dana Haggith
Delynn Miller
Dave Rice
Kelly Roy
Warren Reinisch
Michelle Reinisch

2016 Heroes In The Home (Windsor)2.jpg
(2016 Windsor-Essex Heroes In the Home)

2016 Heroes In The Home (Sarnia)2.jpg
(2016 Sarnia-Lambton Heroes In the Home)