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A Message from CEO Lori Marshall

​​​Over the last few weeks, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins has made several comments reaffirming the province’s commitment to ensure health equity for all Ontarians. 
The Minister highlighted the essential contribution made by our care coordination teams (including support staff) in the delivery of home and community care. He also said the best way to meet patient needs and strengthen the current system is to move toward deeper integration at the local level, which could include a review of the relationship between CCACs and the LHINs.
CCACs provide care to more than 700,000 patients each year, with Erie St. Clair caring for more than 38,000 patients alone. As the Minister noted, CCACs will “remain necessary in an integrated future” and in the overall transformation.
At this point, there are more questions than answers. What I do know is that CCACs will continue to be valued advisors to the government. We will continue to contribute to tables exploring key elements of the ministry’s transformation plan – Patients First: A Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care. The Minister advised that there will be consultation over the coming months and CCACs will actively participate in those conversations to inform the transformation of home and community care. 
Most importantly, I want to reassure all of our patients and their families that our CCAC will continue to provide care and system navigation now and throughout any transformation of the health care system. We are committed to Patient and Family Centred Care and that will not change.
Providing care and service means that our CCAC continues to accept new referrals. Please contact us if you are wondering what services or referrals we can offer.
The Ministry has not announced any official plans regarding a transformation of health care, so please keep in mind that anything you hear is purely speculation at this time.
I want to thank all of the Erie St. Clair CCAC employees for their hard work and effort, which has been clearly acknowledged by Minister Hoskins. I know our patients and families will be counting on us as we deliver on our commitment to quality care, and work with the Province on its commitment to strengthen and transform home and community care, putting patients and their families first.

Lori Marshall
Chief Executive Officer, Erie St. Clair CCAC