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An Open Letter to the Community

Dear Residents of Erie St. Clair,

I am writing to the Erie St Clair community on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Erie St. Clair Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) to address recent news reports regarding realignment of our local home and community care system, the purpose and role of our board of directors and to address questions regarding executive performance and compensation.

On November 27th, Lori Marshall, CEO of the Erie St Clair CCAC and I presented to the board of the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) regarding the need for program delivery changes to enable the CCAC to meet growing demands for patients, who require care in their home and in the community.  Representing the Board, I explained that the CCAC Board has a responsibility to ensure service sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

LHIN board members, staff and guests heard about the LHIN approved plan that allows the CCAC to balance our finances – the rationale and action items that will transition us to a sustainable and predictable community and home care access centre. 

No patient will be left without any services.  Providing care to patients is absolutely a priority.  At the same time being fiscally responsible and providing good governance is also a top priority for the Board. 

In order to support the CCAC's action plan, the Erie St. Clair LHIN has authorized an additional $4.1 million to support care in the community.  The Board expressed appreciation for this vote of confidence, which allows our strategy to move forward.

Questions have been raised about the role and responsibilities of the CCAC Board.  Just like CCAC boards across Ontario, the Erie St Clair CCAC Board of Directors is composed of community volunteers, who give hundreds of hours a year in the governance our local CCAC. The Board provides oversight, but directs the CEO to manage all aspects of the operation.  The Board has adopted a policy, common among boards, with respect to designating a spokesperson on behalf of the Board, ensuring clear and direct communication on any part of CCAC program delivery.  In this way, the CCAC is transparent and accountable. 

Let me respond to the questions regarding how CEO performance and compensation is managed at the CCAC.  These questions include concerns regarding compensation amounts and pay for performance. 

In the CCAC sector, CEO remuneration is determined using a provincial compensation framework.  The framework is based on executive compensation principles developed through research work of the Independent Expert Panel on Executive Compensation in the Ontario hospital sector.  At Erie St Clair, the CCAC CEO salary was determined using this standardized framework.  The methodology is consistent with the rest of the province, and that includes an opportunity to provide performance pay. 

Concerns have also been voiced regarding an increase in executive compensation.  Actually in 2009, across the province an adjustment did occur, but for the past four years, there has not been an increase in pay, even with the hiring of a new CEO, the base salary has remained the same. 

Documentation related to CEO compensation, the framework and performance structure are available on the Erie St. Clair CCAC website

The complexity and demand for high quality home and community care, is expected to continue to grow.  The action plan as approved by the ESC LHIN has been assigned additional resources and more time.  The CCAC Board is confident that we can address the needs of our patients and at the same time be fiscally responsible.  ​


Kathryn Biondi

Chair, Board of Directors

Erie St. Clair CCAC