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Erie St. Clair CCAC seeking nearly 80 Volunteers


The Erie St. Clair CCAC is continuing to focus on Patient & Family Centred Care, and in doing so, is expanding its roster of Patient Advisors.

Patient Advisors, or PAs, are volunteers who have been a patient, or the family member of a patient, receiving CCAC services in the last five years. There are currently about two dozen Patient Advisors across the Erie St. Clair region and the goal is to reach 100.

"The insight that our PAs provide to us based on their own experience with the CCAC really allows us to improve the quality of our services, the way we deliver those services and to better understand where we are doing well and where we can make improvements in providing access to adequate home and community-based care," said Patient Relations Specialist Jenna Martin.

At the CCAC's recent Strategic Accountability Planning Sessions in Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia, the Patient & Family Centred Care framework was warmly received by attendees, including the introduction of the PA volunteers into the organization. The role of the Patient Advisors includes assisting in reviewing documents to patients, taking part in CCAC working groups and councils, and attending speaking engagements and special events.

"The addition of more Patient Advisors will help us create a diverse group of volunteers that will provide us with a wide range of experiences. These experiences will be based on all of our services from our clinics, to in-home nursing and support, to Long-Term Care Home placement," said Martin. "We hope to have a good cross-section of PAs with a broad spectrum of experiences who are interested in helping us leverage our strengths and improve the overall quality and delivery of CCAC services."

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