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HOW WE CARE: 2012-2013 CCAC Quality Report

​The Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC) is pleased to share the 2012-2013 CCAC Quality Report entitled How We Care. With a commitment to quality care, the OACCAC reports annually on the quality of services from all 14 CCACs. This an opportunity to showcase how far we have come in our commitment to our vision - "Outstanding care – every person, every day" – and to share our goals for the upcoming year.

During the 2012-2013 year, the 14 CCACs across Ontario supported over 653,000 patients with home and community care. This includes assisting over 200,000 patients being discharged from hospital.

The How We Care report focuses on the quality of the care provided by CCACs and efforts towards improvement while serving these incredible numbers. These efforts include providing care in the right setting, ensuring a positive care experience, decreasing emergency department visits and hospital readmissions and ensuring the safety of home care.

All CCACs are making significant improvements in these efforts. For example, 93% of CCAC patients and families report a positive experience with the CCAC. Since 2009-2010, 18% more patients are returning with support to their preferred setting of home after hospital and 37% fewer patients are going to long-term care homes. Emergency department readmissions rates for CCAC patients referred from hospital are down six percentage points since 2009-2010. CCACs are also ensuring patients receive a review of their medications with 98.6% of long-stay patients receiving a medication review.

CCACs are committed to continuing improvement in quality care over the next year. Each of the 14 CCACs are working to implement their own Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) to focus on their specific quality journeys. In addition, all CCACs are working together to improve quality by supporting the Health Links strategy, improving wait times for home care and improving transitions of care from hospital to home.

Learn more about the CCAC's commitment to quality care by reading the 2012-2013 Quality Report: How We Care.