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How Care Coordinators CARE

​​It’s not always as straight-forward as “punch in/punch out” for an Erie St. Clair CCAC Care Coordinator. Picture Board1.jpg

Take Shelley Warwick for example. She’s a Community Independence Care Coordinator in Sarnia-Lambton.

Recently, she was asked to do a capacity evaluation for a patient who was moving into a new Long-Term Care Home. The challenge: this patient has severe Huntington’s Disease and is non-verbal. A capacity evaluation is necessary to assess a patient’s ability to understand information relevant to shelter decisions for long-term care and the ability to appreciate consequences of a decision or lack of a decision.
After much thought and discussion with the patient’s family, the Long-Term Care Home and a CCAC Education Facilitator, Shelley had come up with an idea to move forward with the evaluation.
Shelley spent a great deal of her own personal time to develop a series of picture boards that correspond with the questions on the capacity evaluation. For example, for the question “Who Helps You,” a series of pictures provided options like friends, children, nurse and family, and the patient would have to put a checkmark on the picture(s) that applied.

It worked.
The patient was able to use these picture boards and successfully and confidently complete the evaluation. Now, this new tool is being further developed and will be available to all Erie St. Clair CCAC Care Coordinators.
This was a unique solution to ensure the patient was going to receive the appropriate care at their new Long-Term Care Home, and is a tremendous example of how Erie St. Clair CCAC Care Coordinators are dedicated to providing access to the best quality health care possible, at home and in the community.