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Eligibility and Admission


Long-term care homes are funded by the Ontario government and operated by municipalities, not-for-profit and private organizations. They provide health care and services to people whose needs cannot be met in the community.  

Long-term care homes are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The province has specific laws and regulations for admission to long-term care homes designed to ensure fairness in the system, so that people with greater care needs and people who are still independent can both be served.

Long-term care homes can provide a residential alternative for high need patients who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid Ontario Health Card
  • Have health care needs that can't be met with any combination of caregiving in the home or community
  • Have health care needs that can be met in a long-term care home

What is the process for selecting a home?

The long-term care home placement process includes a thorough assessment by a Care Coordinator. This helps to make sure the information in your health/medical records is up to date and also, to determine whether you qualify for long-term care. 

Your Care Coordinator will review all options available to you, including options for long- term care homes. You can apply to up to five homes. NOTE: Wait times are different at each long-term care home, so the amount of time you may have to wait depends on the homes you've chosen.

When a spot becomes available in one of your chosen long-term care homes, your Care Coordinator will contact you. Then, you'll have 24-hours to make a decision about whether you want to follow through with your admission. If you move to a home that is not your first choice, you can decide to stay on the waiting list in case an opening comes up in another preferred home. 

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Although the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care pays for the care you receive, you are responsible for accommodation costs, which are standard across Ontario. Rates are typically reviewed annually by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Current rates (effective July 1, 2017 and subject to change) are:

Type of Accommodation:

Daily Rate

Monthly Rate

​Long-stay Basic

​$59.82 (a)​$1,819.53 (b)

Long-Stay Semi Private


Long-Stay Private






  1. Effective from July 1, 2017, the basic accommodation rate is determined using the following formula:
    1. 2016 basic accommodation rate × (1 + CPI Rate) = 2017 co-payment rate.
      [ i.e., $58.99 × (1+1.4%) = $59.82 ]
    2. The monthly rate is determined by multiplying the daily rate by 30.4167.
      [ i.e., $59.82 × 30.4167 = $1,819.53 ]
  2. The maximum rate for semi-private or private accommodation in some long-term care homes can be less depending on the age and structure of the long-term care home.

If you do not have enough annual income to pay for the basic room, the government can help you through a subsidy that will bring the cost down to a level you can afford. The subsidy is not available to people requesting semi-private or private rooms.

Your Care Coordinator can provide you with information about applying for a rate reduction subsidy. If you are eligible for placement in a long-term care home, you will not be refused because of an inability to pay.

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