OTN eVisits

At this time HNHB LHIN is providing eVisits for patients receiving care from our Palliative Care Outreach Team, Rapid Response Transitional Care Team and our Mental Health and Addictions Nurses. One of these team members will discuss potential eVisits with patients prior to scheduling.

An eVisit is a private, secure virtual video appointment typically between health care providers and their patients.

eVisits allow you to attend an appointment from wherever you are, eliminating the barriers of time and distance, giving you a whole new level of convenience, efficiency and independence.

Just like an in-office health care appointment, it can be seen and heard only by you and your health care provider. 

Important Information for Patients About OTN eVisits

Please read the following before participating on an eVisit:

Note:  Other community services and health service providers may also be providing virtual care which they will discuss with you directly.

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