Videoconference Visits for Patients

HNHB LHIN care coordinators and direct care staff can visit patients via videoconference. This type of visit option will be discussed with patients prior to scheduling.

A videoconference visit is a private, secure virtual video appointment typically between health care providers and their patients using OTN, MS Teams or FaceTime based on appropriateness and what is agreed upon between the LHIN and patients.

Videoconferencing allows patients to attend an appointment from anyplace, eliminating the barriers of time and distance, providing a whole new level of convenience, efficiency and independence.

Just like an in-office health care appointment, it can be seen and heard only by those participating in the videoconference and have been pre-arranged to do so.

Important Videoconferencing Information for Patients

Please read the following before participating:

Note:  Other community services and health service providers may also be providing virtual care which they will discuss with you directly.

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