Information for Primary Care Providers

Connecting your patients with care at home and in the community

Thank you for your referral. We will assess your patient and develop a care plan including type, frequency, location and health teaching as appropriate.

We are committed to putting patients and families first by providing safe, quality home and community care.  To ensure success, we know how important it is for us to continue building strong, collaborative relationships with physicians and family health teams while leveraging the success of Health Care Connect.

Referring Patients to Us

We do everything possible to promote independence for patients, enabling them to stay in their homes for as long as possible. When a referral is required, We will determine the location where nursing services will be provided. We can also assist with transition of patients to other levels of care in the community and long-term care homes when appropriate.  


A referral to us can help your patient access:

  • Home and community care Personal support, nursing care offered at a nursing care centres or at home when necessary, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, social work services and help with nutrition/diet.
  • Nursing Care Centres (NCCs) – Providing patients with convenient access to nursing care services (e.g. wound care, infusion or intravenous medications) allowing patients and families the flexibility to schedule visits around their daily activities. Patient visits to NCCs are made by appointment only which usually ensures patients receive treatment without waiting.
  • Specialty services – Geriatrics, pediatrics (at school or in home), mental health, palliative care and behavioural support
  • Access to transitional and long-term care – Assessment, eligibility and placement for long-term care, complex care, rehabilitation, adult day programs and supportive housing
  • Connections – To community support services and agencies, primary care and other health care partners
  • In-hospital services – Discharge planning and care coordinator assessment
  • Essential medical supplies and equipment – as related to the provision of professional home care services

How to make a referral to us:

Please complete the Request for Home and Community Care Support Services form

  • Referrals from Community, please fax the completed form to 1-866-655-6402.
  • Referrals from Hospital Sites, please use fax numbers provided on page 2 of the referral form.

OHIP Billing Codes:

When working with us, please use the common billing codes below:

  • KO70 for completing a referral
  • K071 and K072 for acute and chronic home care supervision (for personally providing medical advice, direction or information to us or delegated health-care staff)
  • K124 for a case conference regarding a patient. 

PLEASE NOTE:  K124 requires participation by the physician most responsible for the care of the patient and at least 2 other participants that include physicians, regulated social workers and our employees and/or regulated health professionals. 

Completing a Health Assessment Form:

The Long-Term Care Home (LTC) Placement process requires completion of a Health Assessment Form (HAF) by the patient's Primary Care Physician.  If a HAF is required for this process we will send you a request by fax.

Access HAF electronic version on Ministry of Health Forms Repository below

OHIP Billing Code

  • K038 Completion of Long-Term Care Health Report Form

Other Forms


Home and Community Care Support Services Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant  Medical Supplies Catalogue - This catalogue is subject to changes and may require additional substitutions.

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Please contact Information and Referral with any questions or concerns about making a referral by either emailing or calling 1-800-810-0000.

For any form related concerns please contact the Business Operations Team by emailing