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Nursing Care Centres (NCC)

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Nursing Care Centres (NCCs)


What are NCCs?

Nursing Care Centres (NCCs) are provided by CCAC to patients and families who need nursing care. NCCs offer convenient access to nursing care services providing them with the flexibility to schedule appointments in advance around their daily activities.  There is usually minimal or no wait time to receive care/treatment, in order to ensure as little disruption as possible to a patient's normal routine.


Who cares for patients at NCCs?

Nurses at our NCCs are health care professionals with many skills including wound care, infusion or intravenous medications and other nursing care services.  Nurses work together with the patient and their physician in an effort to meet the patient's health goals.  With the patient's consent, the nurse will keep the physician updated about the patient's issues.


Where are NCCs located?

In partnership with our nursing care service provider agencies, HNHB CCAC provides nursing at 11 care centres located throughout the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant region, including Burlington.

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What kind of care is provided?

NCCs provide quick, easy access to specialized nursing services for patients who are mobile and live within the HNHB area.  Only patients with limited mobility and those who are housebound may receive in-home nursing care services.

NCCs operate seven days a week but hours at each clinic may vary to give our patients greater flexibility and choice in scheduling visits at times that suit them best.


How are Nursing Care Centres different from medical walk-in clinics?

Only CCAC patients can receive care at a nursing care centre.  Similar to all CCAC services, CCAC NCCs are staffed by nurses – there are no physicians onsite. NCCs do not accept walk-in patients – all appointments are scheduled in advanced between the patient and nursing care centre.


Can I change or cancel my NCC appointment?

Patient visits to CCAC nursing care centres are made by appointment only. Arriving on time for your scheduled appointment means you'll receive your treatment and care without waiting.  If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please notify the NCC at least 24 hours in advance.


What to bring to your NCC appointment


Please remember to bring the following with you to your scheduled NCC appointment: 

  • Your Ontario Health Care
  • All of your current medications for review with the nurse (for your first visit)
  • A family member or friend if you need assistance or if instruction is required
  • A parent or guardian if you are under the age of 18


For more information about Nursing Care Centres,
please contact HNHB CCAC at 1-800-810-0000