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Long-Term Care

​​PatientMoving from your family home to a long-term care setting can be a challenging transition for everyone. We ease this process by helping you and your family understand the available options and by supporting you to make the right decisions.

Wherever possible, we start by getting people the care and support they need to stay in their homes.


When it becomes necessary to consider alternative living arrangements, we help you and your family understand your options, including:

If you require additional support, and you are concerned that staying at home is no longer possible, we recommend you explore all of your options. Long-term care homes can be an appropriate option for you if you require ongoing health care in a residential setting. 

We have developed a Planning for Long-Term Care guide to provide information on the application process and answer common questions.


What is a long-term care home?

Long-term care homes are residential homes that provide ongoing care to patients whose care needs cannot be met in the community. People may require this level of support due to advancing age, disability or declining health.


Services provided in long-term care homes:Health care provider with patient

  • Nursing and personal care
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Treatment and medication administration
  • Meals
  • Laundry services
  • Social/recreational programs

People whose health-care needs can be managed at home, or who need help with specific day-to-day tasks, like bathing, dressing or cooking, may be able to receive support at home through our home care services. 

If you are a senior and require only occasional health-care support and can live in a relatively independent fashion, a retirement home may be a more appropriate option. 


What do I do next?

Long-term care patients are often referred by concerned family members who are mindful of a person's ongoing health and safety. Whether you are contacting us on behalf of yourself or a family member, your Care Coordinator will help you through the process of applying for admission to any long-term care home in Ontario.

There are several options available to people who need supportive services. If you decide you would like to inquire further about long-term care, contact us. Once you are assigned a Care Coordinator, you can discuss these options together and see which ones are right for you or your family member. 

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Health care provider with patient 

Eligibility and admissions

Long-term care homes are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The province has specific laws and regulations for admission to long-term care homes that are designed to ensure fairness and equity in the system, so that it can serve both the needs of people with high care needs and people who are independent.

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Health care provider with patientselecting a home

The decision to relocate to a new living environment is a very important one, and also very personal.  We want to help you and your family make the best decision possible. We have compiled a list of questions you may wish to consider.

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Health care provider with patientWait lists

There are many factors to be considered when choosing a home. The size of the waiting list (number of people on the wait list) in homes you are considering may be important to you. 

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Health care provider with patientPatient stories

Hear from patients who are receiving care in the Mississauga Halton community.

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