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Adult Day Programs

​​​​​​​​​Patient participating in adult day program activitiesMany people prefer to remain living at home for as long as possible, provided their health care needs are met. However, physical health is not the only concern for vulnerable people. Supporting vibrant mental and social health is key to overall wellbeing. This can include socializing with friends, getting out into the community and enjoying new activities.

Adult day programs provide partial or full-day programming, outside the home, for frail elderly people who are living alone in the community, including those with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. As well, some programs are designed for adults with physical disabilities or those recovering from stroke or brain injury. 

Flexible hours make it easy to fit individual needs and schedules. Adult Day Programs are also offered in different languages. Costs vary by program.​ ​

To find the right program for you, watch the video tours​ here​ or check out the brochure for more information.​

Benefits for all​

For patients:​

  • Adult Day Programs offer patients an opportunity to form new frien​dships and have fun. Patients experience family-like companionship, mental and physical exercise, as well as fun activities that are tailored to their individual interests and abilities.
  • Friendly, trained experts who lead the activities help patients feel safe and comfortable while they enjoy time with others

For caregivers and ​loved ones:

  • Caregivers have peace of mind when they know their loved one is safe and having fun at an Adult Day Program.
  • When caregivers know their loved one is having a good time and being cared for at an Adult Day Program, they can take that time to complete personal tasks or spend time with friends as well.​


  • Exercise programs
  • Group discussions and ​reminiscing
  • Art therapy and crafts
  • Singing/ music programs
  • Baking
  • Pet visitors
  • Gardening and horticulture therapy
  • Board and card games
  • Recreational activities such as bocce ball and shuffleboard
  • Social outings
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
Special features: transportation to and from the programs, foot care and other medical clinics, bathing, hairdressing and esthetics, aphasia support, assistance with activities of daily living, caregiver support and education


You may be eligible to attend an adult day program if you:

  • live at home (not in an institution)
  • are having difficulty with daily living activities
  • would benefit from a small group in a social, recreational and supportive atmosphere
  • have a cognitive disability and are able to cope within a more generic program

Find out more


Once you decide which program you would like to attend, please contact the us at 310-2222 (no area code required) to begin the referral process.​

If you are not yet connected with us, simply get in touch with us. Individuals can refer a family member, a friend, or even themselves.

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