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Media Backgrounder - Archived

​Patient Care Stories – Media Backgrounder

In 2015/16, the Mississauga Halton LHIN continues to care for 48,000 patients across the region.

Here are some of their stories:

  • Helping a senior learn to manage his multiple care needs – Roy, a senior and WWII veteran with multiple health issues, was at risk of being repeatedly re-admitted to hospital. Partnering with Halton Healthcare Services and Trillium Health Partners (Mississauga Hospital), we introduced Rapid Response nurses to give high-risk patients an intensive level of care so they may remain safely at home. Lynda, one of our Rapid Response nurses, met with Roy before and after his discharge from hospital to help him learn how to manage his care. She continually assessed his care plan and monitored his progress.
  • Caring for a family in crisis – Our children’s care coordinator was providing extensive care for two siblings, Aaron* and Rachel*, who shared a debilitating genetic defect, when their father, Yakov*, developed multiple sclerosis. Stress took its toll on Yakov’s health and his systems started to break down. Trying to care for everyone also pushed his wife Beyla* to a near crisis. Our children’s care coordinator arranged for a community care coordinator to support their father. They pooled existing resources and identified Ontario Disability Benefits and other services available. With family-centred care in place, Yakov’s health improved and Beyla could once again manage the day-to-day care of her family.
  • Helping a mid-career adult ‘get their life back’ – Christina*, a 43-year old, lived an active lifestyle with a demanding career when an abdominal issue sent her to hospital. After her discharge from hospital, Christina was referred to our Short Stay team to help her recover. Our care coordinator understood how important returning to work was for Christina on both a personal and medical level.  She coordinated Christina’s care so she could return to work part-time. Christina made a smooth recovery in 42 days.
  • One last Christmas, one last birthday – For many patients with palliative care needs, care coordination starts with a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. As was the case with Jason. His care coordinator was the lifeline for him and his beloved mother, Jeannie, for the last eight months of his life. His mother believes the care we provided helped extend Jason’s life expectancy, from three weeks, to eight months. Jeannie was glad to spend one last Christmas with Jason and see him celebrate his 25th birthday. Watch Jason’s video story here.
  • Pursuing the ‘best’ care for a complex, younger patient – Andrea*, 32-year old, was living alone with several physical and mental disabilities. When a community health agency found Andrea in a cockroach-infested apartment, unable to safely care for herself, it contacted the Mississauga Halton CCAC for help. Our care coordinator learned sexual abuse made it impossible for Andrea to live in a group home. Her care coordinator determined the safest place for her was in long-term care and found one with residents close in age to Andrea.
  • Safely leaving hospital and transitioning to long-term care – Maria, an 85-year old, has a myriad of health conditions. After a fall placed her in hospital for months, our care coordinator, Betty, created a care plan that allowed Maria to safely return home. Once she was in the comfort of her home, Maria was able to make a more informed decision about entering long-term care versus assisted living. Betty worked closely with her and guided her through each step of the long-term care application process.

For more information/interview please contact contact: Leslie Hetherington by email or phone 416-780-7909, or visit the Patient Stories/Publications section on our website.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy