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Home Sweet Home



Muhammad is able to live safely at home with his family including son Hameed (left), with the services that the Mississauga Halton CCAC provides.  


After a stay in the hospital, the majority of Canadians want to recover at home. They want to be at home with their loved ones, surrounded by their familiar setting.  And, that is where the Mississauga Halton CCAC comes in. We help people recover and remain safely at home for as long as possible.

One's health can change quickly and that is what happened to 82-year–old Muhammad Uddin, one of our elderly patients and a Mississauga resident who, until recently, was very active, despite having multiple health conditions.  Less than a year ago he was still walking and spent the summer of 2013 touring Venice in a wheelchair with his family. 

Unfortunately, Muhammad's health took a turn for the worse upon his return home and he spent two months in the hospital. He has several complex health issues – falling constantly so that he can no longer walk – inoperable back issues and Parkinson's disease. 

When Muhammad was in the hospital he said to his son Hameed, "When can I go home where I belong?"

And that is where our care of Muhammad begins. Muhammad was first seen by a Mississauga Halton CCAC hospital care coordinator who explained the programs and services that our CCAC offers to keep our patients safe at home.  One option is Home First and its suite of programs, Wait at Home, Wait at Home Enhanced and Stay at Home. Those programs provide our patients with enhanced services so patients can recover at home, stay at home or make the emotional and often difficult decision to start the long-term care application process. In discussion with Muhammad and his family, his hospital care coordinator placed him on our Wait at Home services.

Muhammad's son Hameed explains, "His emotional and psychological needs were not met in the hospital. He did not feel comfortable in hospital and wanted to say away from hospital." 

Once Muhammad returned home, he was visited by Mississauga Halton CCAC care coordinator Kelly Schweig, a highly experienced compassionate registered health professional with more than 12 years' hospital and community nursing experience.

"I like working with my patients and their families, getting them the care they need.  Our services put people at ease," says Kelly.

Kelly put the following services in place to keep Muhammad safe at home –  personal support workers (to help with bathing and dressing), physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech therapy (to help with swallowing issues), as well as medical equipment.

 "I advocate for my patients.  With the help of his family and our services, he has improved to a level where he can stay safely at home", explains Kelly.

Kelly finds her work extremely rewarding and is well liked and respected by her patients.   Muhammad wrote us a letter praising Kelly's work:

 "Now I am at home…Special thanks to Kelly Schweig from CCAC who has made the personal support worker arrangement at my home and she is constantly following up with my family doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and other medical professionals.  She is trying her best to ensure that I can get the best possible medical treatment at my home and can get better quality of life for the remaining years of my life."

This was echoed by his son Hameed who said:

  "The Mississauga Halton CCAC made it so simple and smooth. You take care of everything – personal support workers, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, medical equipment and supplies.  They brought the hospital to our home.  Now my father is safe and secure, and getting the quality of life he deserves.  My father belongs here.  Without you, we could not do it.  It would have been impossible. It is a blessing to have my dad here. CCAC makes our home more secure.  I belong to him and he belongs to me."

Muhammad's family considered long-term care and even started filling out applications but decided against it.

"Without the team of health professionals it would be difficult for my father to stay at home. Long-term care is not an option for us right now," explains Hameed.

Patients such as Muhammad are staying out of hospital and are safely cared for in their homes with the services of the Mississauga Halton CCAC. Muhammad has been receiving expert care coordination and services for almost a year and he has never returned to hospital. 

Although bedridden, he is safely ensconced in the family's principal bedroom -  where he wants to be  - surrounded by his family, his son, daughter-in-law; two grandchildren and the adorable family pet Yorkshire Terrier Ronni.

At the Mississauga Halton CCAC, we look at health care differently. We recognize health care at home is not the future; it is the reality of health care today. 

Hameed Uddin was interviewed about his experience with the Home First initiative – Listen to his story here: