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Letter of Thanks


Jatinder Bhullar with his mother, Dalip, and Mississauga Halton care coordinator, Czeslawa Jazwiec.

At the Mississauga Halton CCAC, we care for patients from the cradle to well into their ninth and tenth decade.  One such patient is 94-year-old, Dalip Bhullar.  She is totally dependent on her family and the Mississauga Halton CCAC for her care. Originally from Punjab, India, Dalip is the last remaining member of her family – one of five brothers and five sisters. She has led a full life; she has four grown children,11 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  Dalip was a stay-at-home mother, caring for her children and as her son says, "she led a simple life."

Her life is not so simple now.  She has multiple health conditions. She can no longer walk and remains in bed or in her wheelchair. She has also suffered a number of mini-strokes, has very bad arthritis, and cognitive impairment. Dalip can no longer bathe, feed or dress herself. She is dependent on her family for 24/7 care. However, despite her failing health, she remains happy and loves having visitors.  Sitting royally in a wheelchair in her bedroom, surrounded by family photos and personal belongings, she is delighted to have visitors and greets them all with a beaming smile.

For the past year, Dalip has been under our care and her son, Jatinder Bhullar, was so impressed with the personalized care we are providing to his mother, he wrote to us and said, "I would like to show my appreciation and gratefulness to Ms. Czeslawa Jazwiec's exceptional support for my mother, Dalip's case management.  For me as a primary caregiver for my mother of 94 years, Ms. Czeslawa has been exceptional.  Without fail visiting personally to check on my mother and her care every three months. We owe her much gratitude as home care is made more worthwhile, comfortable and respectful for the seniors like my mother when people like Czeslawa Jazwiec provide the level of exemplary service, as Czeslawa has done."

Czeslawa Jazwiec is a highly skilled registered health professional with more than 16 years of nursing experience in hospitals in Canada and Poland.  For the past four years, she has been working at the Mississauga Halton CCAC and provides personalized care for patients with complex care needs, such as Dalip.

Czeslawa is Dalip's eyes and ears in the community and is the 'warm hand' that wraps care around her.   She applies her clinical judgement for the best care for her patients, anticipating their needs to help them live safely at home, which is what she is doing for Dalip. 

Czeslawa explains why she went into the health care field, "Nursing is an emotionally fulfilling and rewarding profession, which enables me to make a difference in patients' lives.  It is rewarding to be able deliver exceptional service to our patients each and every day using my knowledge, skills and past experience."

Caring for a loved one at home takes its toll on a family.  Czeslawa developed a personal care plan for Dalip that includes many hours of personal support to bathe, dress and feed Dalip while providing much-needed relief for Jatinder.  She also assigned occupational and nursing care for her patient. In addition, Czeslawa referred Jatinder to many resources in the community including the Caregiver ReCharge program (in-home support for caregivers who need relief).

There is a strong family bond between mother and son. Jatinder explains that his family has decided against long-term care, as they felt that she would do better at home where her loved ones speak her language and prepare the foods that she loves best. 

And, through our services, Dalip is able to remain safely at home, which is where she wants to be, surrounded by her loved ones.