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Celebrating the heroes of family caregiving

Recently, we were featured on Family Caregivers Unite! radio show (640,000 viewers worldwide), talking about our Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Awards. The show, Heroes of Family Caregiving, celebrates the value of family caregiving by recognizing the work of family caregivers, giving voice to their stories, and by family caregivers’ recognizing the work of health care professionals. The show featured two of our Heroes in The Home Award recipients, who we honoured last fall.

Poonam Virdi, one of our 2013 Heroes in the Home Award recipients, talks about her role as the primary caregiver to her father, who lives with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Valerie Speiran, one of our talented care coordinators, was nominated for a Heroes in the Home Award by family caregivers for her outstanding work, and was also featured in the show. Val describes her work and the recognition awards.


Family Caregivers Unite! empowers family caregivers by amplifying their voice, spreading their vision, and publicizing their value; and by providing them with information that is trustworthy, understandable and useful. The show is a passionate boost for the growing recognition of the role of family caregivers in today’s health are system.